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Auto Enrolment Fines & What You Need to Know

Auto enrolment, for those of you who aren’t aware is a Government initiative in order to help more people in the country to save for later life through a pension scheme at work. This post is about what employers need to know before the changes kick in.

Tax Code Changes Mean HMRC Can Take More From You

Most debts due to the HMRC can be recovered by making deductions from the debtor’s PAYE income, called “coding out”. This may be done with the taxpayer’s agreement. In addition, HMRC has the power to collect tax debts in this way without the taxpayer’s consent.

An Employer’s View on Auto Enrolment

Here at K A Farr & Co we are delighted that Steve Speed an Independent Financial Adviser & Employee Benefit Consultant from People and Business Independent Financial Advisers is going to be advising and helping us with our auto enrolment pension scheme.