Accounts Clerk Jumps 11,000 Feet

It’s not the adventurous lifestyle you normally associate with the profession is it?

But Accounts Clerk Debbie Kelly took a giant leap from 11,000 feet on March 12th and it was all for a fantastic cause.

Debbie’s Mum, Judy aged 82 is suffering from dementia as Debbie explained “Mum is deteriorating slowly and it’s upsetting to see her often sad and confused, lost and lonely.”

The Alzheimer’s Society is funding research into the condition and has organised a skydive to help with that funding. Debbie is determined to do her bit and when she signed up for the jump she said “It will make me feel as vulnerable as my Mum”. All of her colleagues at KA Farr Accountants in Churchtown supported her to and helped by sponsoring the venture.

Thanks to Debbie’s courage and her family and friends, she was able to rack of a grande total of £1,745 on her Virgin Fundraising page.

You can still help, research is ongoing for a cure and fundraising is too. You can help by donating here.