Business Advice

Business Advice, Planning & Support

We look for opportunities to improve your business processes. Helping you to plan, manage and organise with greater efficiency.

Business Planning

How many Accountant and Tax Advisor firms show our dedication and enthusiasm for helping clients maximise their planning throughout the life of their business?

At KA Farr & Co, we always look for opportunities to improve your business processes. We can help you plan, manage and organise your finances with much greater efficiency.

Business planning is essential especially if you aim to maximise the profit potential of your business.

This enables you more time to focus on what you know best,  your core business activities. You can do this safe in the knowledge that you are being supported by robust financial systems and a trusted accounting team. Whether you are establishing a new business or developing an existing one, it is important to continually build and grow the strengths of your business. This is more than achievable, all while minimising risks.

Start-up Planning & Advice

Building a new business is an exciting time.

The important thing to consider is to create a strong foundation on which your business can thrive. You can do this based on helpful and sound advice from a professional who has this knowledge. This knowledge will allow your new enterprise to grow and develop.

KA Farr & Co. can supply you with advice on

  • Business foundations
  • Your business structure
  • Finance
  • Taxation
  • Accounts Administration

Financial Business Advice

Preparation of cash flow and budget forecasts.

Cash budgeting is a process of predicting cash inflows and allocating cash outflows for a specific time period. Budgeting relies heavily on specific cash flow forecasts. It also requires effectively managing activities such as customer billing and collections, short-term investing and accounts payable.

Cash flow forecasts aim to predict future financial liquidity over a specific period of time. A new small-business owner or one just getting started with creating cash flow forecasts may want to consider starting with short-term forecasts. Short-term cash flow forecasting is based on actual cash receipt information. Whilst long-term cash flow forecasts are projections based on data from income statements and balance sheets.

Assistance with accessing and obtaining finance.

At K A Farr & Co. we have extensive experience in the banking and business lending sector. This enables us to help our clients to understand how to access and obtain finance for their business or business projects.

Our experience means that we know what you will need to obtain the money for your business and what makes a good lending proposition. We work closely with you on your business plan, ensuring that you understand the numbers and make sure that the investment is the right for the business.

Installation of accounting systems to provide up to date management information.

A member of our team will help find the right accounting system which will meet your business and data requirements. Once we have chosen the system together, we will show you how to update the software with your current information. We will also show you how to use it thereafter, to help minimise the stress.

As members of the Sage Accountants’ Club, we can give up to date advice and information.

Advice on acquisition or disposal of businesses.

Sometimes the best way to improve your competitive position in the marketplace is an acquisition. Not only is this a complex and time-consuming process, if it is not well researched and skilfully negotiated it could make matters worse, not better. K A Farr & Co. can provide you with professional advice to help you make the right decisions.

Our services

We offer preparation of accounts, personal and company tax and business planning.

Our services also include secretarial support, payroll/CIS services, bookkeeping, VAT and company auditing.