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Christmas Accounting Tips

It’s Christmas time again, which means it’s time to break out the cards and throw a do. Nobody wants to be worrying about the tax implications of doing something nice for their employees, so we’ve laid it all out as simply as possible for you.

A present from HMRC

The new guidelines relating to ‘tax exemption for trivial benefits in kind’ (a bit of a mouthful) means that you can now provide employees with a little something extra – and reduce their tax bill in the process.

The importance of knowing your numbers in business

We all know the importance of managing our accounts and ensuring that our business is running smoothly whilst making us a profit however, many of us struggle to understand which key financial statements and numbers we need to consider.

Struggling with debt collection?

Many of our clients have asked for advice on how to chase payments and for our tips and tricks on how to ensure that they don’t have any large outstanding debts.

Sole Trader Tax Planning

All self employed individuals (sole traders and those who are in partnerships) are taxed via the self assessment system each year and pay their tax on their business profits after deductions for expenses.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

The Stamp Duty tax changed on the 16th March and the decision was made by George Osborne as he delivered his 8th budget as Chancellor.

Claiming The Marriage Allowance

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group published updated guidance on how to apply for the new transferable personal allowance, known as the marriage allowance,

Debt Collecting System & Structure

Are your debtors crippling your cashflow and you are struggling with chasing payments in from your customers? You could minimise the risk of bad debts by collecting them much earlier.