HMRC has introduced a time-saving template that streamlines the process of making furlough claims. 

The new template can be used to claim the coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS) for companies with between 16 to 99 employees. 

Both payroll agents and internal payroll teams have spent the past 12 months manually inputting CJRS information. However, companies with up to 99 employees will now be able to upload the details with a single template for their claim.

The template which launched on the 27th of May 21 allows employers to upload details of claims of 16 to 99 employees at the same time.

(Claims for employees of less than 16 will have to be done through the existing manual method.)

furlough claims

How Does It Work?

The CJRS template

Firstly you need to download the template here. The file must then be uploaded with the following information for each employee:

  • Full name
  • National Insurance number (or payroll reference number if you do not have this)
  • Payroll reference number (sometimes called a pay identify or staff number)
  • Furlough start and end date (using the format DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Full amount claimed (pounds and pence)
  • Normal hours (using decimals, for example, 7.5)
  • Actual hours worked (using decimals)
  • Furloughed hours (using decimals)
  • If they have returned from statutory leave and you then put them on furlough
  • HMRC advises that the template may be rejected if the information is not given in the right format and a message will flash across the screen alerting the agent or employer that the claim will not be processed.

HMRC have advised that to avoid having the template rejected, users must:

  • Provide only the employee information requested here – you might be asked again or your template may be rejected
  • Submit one line per employee for the whole period
  • Do not break up the calculation into multiple periods within the claim
  • Not split data by contract type (for example, those paid weekly and monthly should be claimed for together)
  • Do not provide more or fewer columns than needed
  • Upload your file as an.xlsx, using the template on this page when you claim.

furlough claims

Much Quicker Process

Employers who are used to spending half an hour completing furlough claims now report spending only 5 minutes using the new download. The only aspect of the new form which some may not like is that you can’t see what’s actually been uploaded. When furlough claims are made manually you can check each one before moving on to the next employee. However, if records are maintained carefully it shouldn’t cause any issues.

Speed Up Your Furlough Claims

If you are keen to spend less time making furlough claims you can download the template from HMRC here.

We are here if you have any questions or problems using this new form. You can contact us on 01704 211434 or if you would prefer to contact us by email you can do so at