Payroll & CIS

Payroll & CIS Compliance Services

K.A.Farr & Co keep you up to speed with details of amounts to be paid to HMRC.


Payroll can be a complex and time-consuming area but is the lifeblood of your business.

After all, it is an important factor in keeping your employees happy in their jobs.

We can take care of all your payroll requirements, with a tailored service to provide you with weekly or monthly payslips for each employee. Our service includes the reconciliation of wages,  HMRC PAYE and National Insurance Contributions (N.I.C).

K.A.Farr & Co keep you up to speed with details of amounts to be paid to HMRC.

From annual returns to be filed online, through to benefit details and P60s for each employee.

With our wide range of experience and depth of payroll knowledge, we can quickly and efficiently deal with any queries. Including problems which arise from personal circumstances such as maternity pay, sick pay, holiday entitlements and redundancy payments.

The deadlines for payment of tax and N.I.C, together with the submission of forms and returns, are now rigorously enforced. We will ensure you are well prepared and ahead of the game so that you do not incur fixed penalties for a late submission.

Our team can also give you the appropriate support and advice to minimise National Insurance liabilities, both for self-employed and employed individuals.

CIS Compliance Services

If you are a building industry subcontractor or you hire subcontractors.

You may be subject to the collection of tax under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

The CIS compliance system principally applies to the construction industry, but also to organisations which have a high annual spend on construction. (Even if that is not their core business.)

Alongside our payroll services, our comprehensive approach to CIS compliance will ensure that you meet all your obligations. Our services include verification of subcontractors and preparing and filing monthly and year-end returns.

Our services

We offer preparation of accounts, personal and company tax and business planning.

Our services also include secretarial support, payroll/CIS services, bookkeeping, VAT and company auditing.