Practice Makes Perfect?

KA Farr & Co Accountants Southport recent team-building afternoon at the Crazy Golf course paid dividends for staff member Debbie Kelly.

To find out if practice makes perfect.

While playing at Ormskirk Golf Club she hit a hole-in-one at the 14th par 3! “I knew I’d hit a good shot as it sailed off in a direct line to the flag” she told colleagues. “But the green is surrounded by bunkers and it often drops right into one of them.”

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Debbie says “It was a wonderful feeling to see it go in the hole from the tee but we still had to be totally sure by peering into the hole and sure enough the drinks were on me!”

Debbie is, in fact, a regular golfer and has a handicap of 23 – but not on the Crazy Golf course where her team from Accounts didn’t manage to win the day.

When it comes to winning the day where HMRC is concerned you should put your trust in a good accountancy practice. Ask Debbie and her colleagues at KA Farr & Co Chartered Accountants, Churchtown, how you can keep your tax bill under par. And you might get some tips on your swing while you’re there!