Personal Tax Return

Self-assessment Tax Return & Planning

We Will Support You Through The More Complex Aspects Of Self-assessment.


Our specialist tax expertise will take away your self-assessment headaches with practical advice on your own personal tax position.

The reality is that ‘Self-assessment’ still involves quite a lot of form filling and compliance. It’s also vital that you know what your tax allowances are so you pay exactly the right amount of tax due.

There is a constant stream of changes to tax legislation which means that returns are becoming very difficult to understand.

This also means that taxpayers are at risk of incurring more penalties. Often due to failing to complete their returns correctly and on time.

We can support you with some of the more complex aspects of self-assessment and help you with your tax return.

Personal Tax Planning

We will help you plan your tax return by:

  • Ensuring you have the documentation and information you need
  • Completing your tax return, online or by post
  • Calculating your tax liability accurately
  • Advice on exactly when to make payments and how much to pay
  • Planning tax opportunities to benefit your personal circumstances.

Tax planning encompasses many different aspects.

These aspects include the timing of both income and purchases and other expenditures. Keeping tight control of planning goes a long way to helping your business pay the correct amount of tax. Learn the essentials of tax planning by exploring the subject with K A Farr & Co. and we could save you hundreds, possibly thousands, of pounds in tax every year.

We want you to maximise your tax position whilst meeting your compliance obligations and paying what you owe.

The key is knowing exactly what your individual responsibilities and allowances are as a taxpayer.

With dedicated, professional taxation advice and support, we can provide you with year-round advice on all aspects of personal taxation.

Tax Advice

KA Farr & Co are tax experts and offer a specialist personal taxation service for individuals on all tax-related matters.

Your tax planning is dependent on the size and structure of your company, there could be different tax advantages for each structure.

Sole Trader

As a sole trader, you are both the business and its owner for tax purposes. No tax distinction is made between taxable profits and what is earned by the business. Tax thresholds and rates for sole traders are the same as if you were an employee.  However, unlike an employee, you can claim expenses as long as they are deemed to be just for the business.


In tax terms, this is the same as 2 sole traders working together. Therefore you will still file your own returns and pay tax and national insurance on the same self-employed terms.

Limited Company

Once you register a limited company, you become an employee and a shareholder. This means you are able to draw a salary, which you can pay yourself with PAYE. You are also able to draw dividends out of profits. One of the key tax advantages of a limited company is that profits can be retained for reinvestment. The advantages of this are that they are taxed at the corporation rate rather than income tax rates.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

The members of the LLP are individually self-employed and the LLP will file an annual tax return, but each partner will report their share of the profit on their personal tax return.

Our services

We offer preparation of accounts, personal and company tax and business planning.

Our services also include secretarial support, payroll/CIS services, bookkeeping, VAT and company auditing.