Tax Investigation Insurance

Tax Investigation Insurance will protect your business against fines from HMRC

Tax Investigation Insurance, also known as Tax Enquiry Insurance, Tax Fee Protection or TFP schemes, all mean one thing…

If you are selected for a tax enquiry, we will robustly defend you against unjustified questions by HMRC. The investigation can be detailed and very time-consuming, which means that even if no extra tax is payable the cost to your business can be substantial. However, with Tax Investigation Insurance from KA Farr & Co, the cost of our time is covered by your premium.

tax investigation insurance

Since 2010 HMRC have invested £1.8 billion targeting businesses who have underpaid tax.

New technology has resulted in tax enquiries being on a larger scale, and HMRC’s powers to investigate have been strengthened. This combination means that all taxpayers are now at greater risk of being investigated than ever before. In 2016/2017 HMRC secured a record £28.9bn through tax enquiries into businesses and individuals, and the target for 2017/2018 is even higher.

We partner with Qdos Vantage insurance to offer you the best rates with the most comprehensive cover.

Our normal annual fees do not cover the additional professional costs of handling tax enquiries and compliance checks. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you are protected against such unexpected costs by taking out the Tax Investigation Insurance. We were one of the first accountants to offer this insurance, which means that our cover is second to none, and our rates are very competitive. An additional benefit of our premium is that clients who need support on general legal issues will receive FREE expert telephone advice, which also covers the complex areas of Employment Law and Health & Safety.

You can find a sample summary of cover here.

What you need to do

Let us take care of it for you… our annual cover is only £125.95 per annum.

Simply contact us on 01704 211434 and request to purchase Tax Investigation Insurance.

We can also answer any questions you may have regarding the cover and our services, if you would prefer to contact us by email you can do so at