With movements in technology quickly advancing the accounting world has a vast range of options for small to medium-sized businesses. It can be slightly overwhelming when trying to decide what the best options are for your business and its accounting system.

Most businesses already have an accountancy system in place (we hope!) and can find it hard to move away from this. However, it is essential to understand the importance of updating your system. This ensures that your business’ finances are fully managed and optimised. HMRC and the Government are moving in the direction of making tax digital by 2020, and all businesses will be expected to have some sort of software by then.

One of the latest developments in accounting software is the Cloud. Cloud accounting software, such as SageOne Accounting and SageOne Start, provide many benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. Helping them to organise their accounts and reach their business goals.

What is cloud accounting software?

‘The Cloud’ is often a phrase passed around between techies that remains a mystery to most people! Think of the cloud as similar to your online banking system. It is a platform that makes accounting data accessible online anytime, from anywhere.

Cloud accounting software enables small business owners to stay in touch with their data. Looking over their accounts without having to sit at their desk and view spreadsheet after spreadsheet.

Accounting software shouldn’t feel like a chore to use, it should be simple and easy to navigate. Cloud Accounting Software does just that.

The benefits of cloud accounting software

There are copious benefits to using Cloud Accounting Software such as Sage One.

The main one being that business owners can access their accounts from anywhere. As long as the device has internet access they will be able to log in and view all of the company’s documents. So, they don’t have to be sat in their office or at a desk even!

For Sage One no training is necessary, the system is very simple to use. It can be easily navigated with little knowledge and experience of accountancy software systems. Even if you do have issues with the software your accountant will be on hand to help. Sage One also provide their own free 24/7 support via email and telephone.

Data is secure

According to Sage One’s website, their system is ‘bank-level’ secure. So you do not have to worry about carrying out backups of your accounts, all of your data is safe and sound within one of their systems.

Cloud accounting software enables businesses to work smarter and faster. Being able to log onto one system and view all the accounts means that reviewing and monitoring costs is made simple. It also means that you or your bookkeeper doesn’t have to spend hours inputting data into spreadsheets.

Legislation changes are also automatically followed by the Sage One Cloud Accounting Software. This means as a business owner you do not need to worry about changes in accounting and payroll laws such as VAT changes and updates to auto-pensions enrolment.

There are also no expensive software updates required at regular intervals (as is the case now!), the software is automatically updated, this amounts to a big cost saving for businesses.

Is Sage One Cloud Accounting Software for my business?

It can be difficult to know whether to take the plunge to move over to Cloud Accounting Software however, we are committed to helping clients to make the swap so that they can reap the benefits!

As SageOne Silver Partners we are currently running an offer for Sage Start Software starting from just £1 per month, or Sage One Accounting Software for £10 per month.

For more information on this and the services that we offer contact K.A.Farr & Co by calling 01704 211434 and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.